Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Cousins

I just wanted to put pictures of my favorite cousins on here with me,Gammie says I am number1man dog,and Taps is number1 man cat so that makes MOOCH number2 man dog. So you see,Good Looks run in the Family,Woof Woof Woof. So here is a Big Boogie hug to my cousins and friends OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Just A Hello

Hi everyone,I wanted to show off gammies knew ride,I now get to go for lot's of rides,atleast 4 times a week.Now that my sissy is not with us any more(may she rest in peace) gammie said that she dont like me staying home alone.It is to lonely for me.And she is right,No one knows me better than my gammie,she said the next time we go out she will take a picture of me and you all can see how COOL I look,and I think there is plenty of room for my cousins TAPS,Snowy,Sia,Pounce,Shammie,Mooch,and Nana to go too...and Mr.H is welcome to come along ,if not then we will make room.WE can put Sia on the roooooof,( just kidding) woof woof,

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Hi everyone,this is my life,Couch/Bed,potty,food,and back to couch or bed,Thanks to Taps,Snowy,Shamie,Paunce and SIA,mommy changed this thing for me. I just want everyone to have a woof woof day,I am still learning this and it is making me seepie so I need to nap now. Oh yea,,,,,,,I got a bath today,yuk, dont realy like them but mom and dad said I had to get it,but now I feel better Maybe mom/dad do know best, till next time

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Hi everyone,Boog here, I am the one not looking at mom and her camera ,my sissy was the HAM, but just a month ago I lost her to age and illness,I am so sad,but as they say life goes on and so I must for her.I am knew at this and so is mom ,my 2 legged sissy who lives in Florida had mom do this for me,said it would be good for us,so we will see.So again to all Hello from moms number 1 man dog,Boogie