Sunday, September 16, 2007


Just want to say Hello to my friend and family,it has been awhile,
mom just got her old job back and it is great,a little more hours but thats ok,,,,,MORE TREATS for me...That what she says,
So now every other week end we take adventures,only if her Football team is not on the TV,
So this morning she said she was getting on here for me and all I can say to you all is buuuuuurrrrrrr IT IS CHILLY,,,,,been awhile but boy does it not feel good???? I love it,,43 here this morning,,, So for now till mom has more time,
God Bless,Sweet Dreams,
Go Titans
hey I live in Tennessee,,

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Am I funny or what???????

Mom was trying to make the bed and well I wanted to lay in the bed so,this is how far mom got .So she got out the flasher and snap-snap she went, So she finally got the bed made,But I am just a boy and I like to play....

Sunday, September 2, 2007

The New Adventures Of Boogie

My Sunday adventure ,

Today started out like any other day,mom,dad and grams having coffee while sitting on the porch......Then mom ask if we,yes we wanted to go for a ride,so dad said SURE,where are we going?Mom said (well no matter where we go Boogie is going) yea for me,I get to go for a ride.

So the camera got charged,and I knew then it was going to be a long ride,cause mom always takes the camera so I can share my adventure with my buddy,Mr Hendrix,and my cousins in Florida.So here you go,but first I want to Thank my mom for taking me and then doing my blog cause she is tired but wanted to do this for me first. I love my momThe first place we went was this place called Mars Hill,I thought that Mars was in outer space but Mom says it is in North Carolina. So on we went,

I am just checking out the sights , just look at me ,Like I own the car and mom is my personal driver,,well?
a little piece of Heaven I saw up on that Mars place,this is for the furries who has left us
Sorry, have to peeeeeee,us boys have to let everyone know where we have been,this is my dad,I think we are still in NC
Now aint this purrdy?I would have fun here,this is like the place in that movie where the 2 dogs and cat went on there own adventur,Mom says this is in Brevard NC
This is an old house in Silva NC who some Jefferson dude lived in,purrdy
ok with the pictures,can we get moving here,want to see more
well at that time I ask for it and I got it,on the road again,now I just want to remind you that when we left home it was around 10 am,don't know if you can see the clock but it is 6pm now and still about an hour away form home,so my day in the car we went from Tennessee into North Carolina ,should I say ALL OVER NC,into SC,back to NC,and then back to Tennessee,
peeeeee break again ,last stop,see the leaves,mom said they are changing colors,but I did not care. I needed to peeeeeee and that was all that was on my mined,
so back in the car and it did not take me to long to get good and comfy ,mom had my pillow and off I went to dream land till we got home.So this was my day,9 hours in the car seeing the sights,jumping from state to state,so after we got home mom got funny,she said to me that ( I guess you will not be wanting to go for a ride anytime soon,will ya?) well my ears went up and I got all excited and she let me down,,,,no way buddy ,,,,she said to me,,it is time to rest, 374 miles is a good enough ride for tell me,,,,whats up with that? if a boy likes to ride then the mom should take him...YES? well I think so ,,,,,,,,,,,,,and so does mom.
So for all who reads this,I hope you like the pictures,and maybe next time My friend and cousins can sneak along and check out the sights with me.
So till next time,,,SWEET DREAMS,GOD LOVE YOU,and may the goodies keep coming to all........................BOOGIE...................