Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Wish

To all my friends and family,and to the ones waiting for a family
I wish for the Angels in Heaven to hold us close in there arms and keep us safe and warm this winter . May all get what they wish for and more.And a BIG SPECIAL WOOFIE HUG to my Cousins,,,,,,Taps.TJ,Pounce,Sia,Snowy,Shamie,,,Mooch,Nana
and a BIG BIG HUG to my buddy in Ohio,,,MR HENDRIX,,,,,,,,,,,,stay safe and warm,,,,,

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Happy December 1st

Hello everyone,,it has been along time and so now my mom wants to get on this thing here at 430 in the morning..Nite Nite time still. Anyway,this is my new cousin TJ My big brother came up for Thanksgiving from Florida and mom wanted to take our picture and he got funny and covered my face,OH he makes me mad sometimes.
this is our crazy little tree,hope there is something under it for me.......
Now all you woffies,,,,check this babe out, what I wouldn't do to get a piece of this ,,,,,well maybe she would just take a piece of me and ,,don't think that would be pretty,,,,now I think she SCARES me,,,,,
Everyone I want to say I do think of you,but with mom working and the Holidays,and then mom got sick again,I just want to say that I have not forgot any of you,I hope you had a great Thanksgiving,and if I dont make it back here ,I should,but just in case,,,,,,,MERRY CHRISTMAS to my friends,,,,,,,,,BOOGIE