Friday, August 24, 2007

New Kitty

Here is the only kind of kitty we can have ,dad says we can't have kittys unless it is my cousin Taps,so mom went and got this kitty,I think she is purrdy,and she stays out side and make sure no little furries come near mom,I saw the birds fly from her cause the think she is real,dumb birds,

Camera up and running

Hi everyone,well mom has the camera up and running and I am in it again,see me? I am helping mom and dad paint the bedroom,well I am the forman and making sure they do it right.haha

and as you see,I am still in the same spot I was here when they started,and in the same spot when the finished, I really did not care for the color but it makes the room dark and I can sleep much better.I was really sleeping all the time they were painting,Hey what do you want for a dog?But now the job is done and man is it ever dark in there,you know us old guys need our sleep.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All about ME

My Name is Bruiser,/Boogie/Boog///Buckwheat/Man Dog/and mom always says The Boy,so I answer to almost anything.... I am a black akita mix.
Mom,dad and my self live in Kingsport Tennessee,
I was born in St Petersburg Florida 7 of use in the pack,
Me and sissy was the lucky ones that mom wanted to keep
We lived with our real mommy(moma Dog) till she passed in 2001 and then there was 2 me and sissy

We have lived in Florida for 8 years and the mom and dad decided
to move to NC, that was cool,we had a big yard and snow to play in. first time we every
saw that white stuff.
Then back to Florida we went...we then lived in an apartment,( stuffy) not no room to play,had to walk on leash(yulk).
So one day mom come home from work and told dad we need to move so the kids ( me and sissy)
could have a yard and she was sick of Florida. So I heard them talking about back up north and the map was taken out,and BAM,,,here we are in Tennessee.
I have a big fenced in yard,cool weather,HOT DRY weather, My sissy and me got to play in the yard almost a year before she passed also,this is why I am alone,except for the BIRDS.

I have 4 birdies,,Sin bad (girl) she is green
2 love birds,and bambam a cockatil
and a fish,

I love riding in the PT Cruiser, but it has been to hot

My birthday is Dec 3rd

Pillows and more Pillows is my bestes place to lay/couch

I just love to eat them things with the red center in them(mommy calls the chewies)
and them things thats good for my teeth (dental stix) Pedigree

Food,well CHICKEN CHICKEN and more Chicken my all time best tasten food ever

Ice Cream,love it,we go ones a week to Dairy Queen and I get my own cup,YumYum

I like laying out side with mom and just watching things go by,mom has bird feeders out and I see all kids of birds,I just watch them eat and then they fly away,and I watch lots of butterflys go on the flowers,they are strang little things,mom says I should just watch. So I do,just watch

Then me and Max, my neighbor well we talk through the fence and then he goes on,I talk with the kitty up the hill but I think I scare him ,He thinks my bark is to loud,I dont mean to scare him.

I have 5,yes I said 5 cousins how are kittys
and 2 who are like me,,they live in Florida,I grew up around one of my cousins (Taps) he has a blog at kattnippia

but most of all I love my mom
no matter where she goes in the house I am there by her side,I am here right now watching her and every now and then I snoozzzz off,us old guys need our naps,
So for now I think thats it,
To all Have a good day

Sorry No Pictures,mom had to clean out thhis machine and well,There went the pictures,,,,,haha

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sad Day

I just read that my friend was Sick and that Saddens me,I might be a woofie but Mr Hendrix is my buddy,

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good Day to All

Boogie here,and I just want to say hi to all my friends.
Mom said on her next day off we will be going for a ride and take more pictures of my adventures.I am just having a blue kind of time here,maybe because of the way mom works and it is purrdy warm out.So for now sweet dreams when you are napping,and lot's of woofie hugs to all.