Sunday, July 22, 2007

Just another day in Tennessee

I just want to say hello to all my friends out there,,,,,mom has been so busy she can't even get on this thing for me.
Today I made her sit and check us out so we can see who took the time to write us.
I hope I did not miss any furry friends
I like hearing what you all chat about,but for me and mom we are new,Thank GOD for sissy at kattnippia,cause with out her the moms would mess this up.
I just want to say thanks for writing me,I like having new friends.

and NO I don't want a puppy ,that means I would have to share my treats,
I'm good,one day me and my sissy will be side by side again.
Take care and may you all have great dreams,and Lot's of treats.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lazy Day

Hi everyone,I am lazy today,it is cloudy and mom is at work,so this is me for the day,I miss my sissy and my 2 legged sissy also, I will make dreams with my new friends,and wake up all happy.Woof woof

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Whats Up with All the Baths????

After the bath on Thrusday,,,What's up with this stuff?????????
Just trying to look mean ,like I did not like it,But don't tell mom,Cause I did
I got a Treat after the bath cause I was a good boy
Please let me in,I promise I am not wet,let me in PLEASE

Well once again I got another bath,don't tell mom but it felt good. She had the water warm and the puuuuuu stuff was nice,she said it was Lavender and Vanilla, I liked it I really did...;..

It was after the BATH that was better, I ran up the hill and went to dig and mom chased me around the yard with the towel,,,,,,she said it was to dry me off,but we were just having fun cause me and mom have this thing,( you know) I am her shadow,,,anyway
Well, I got to go in the house and dad had got me a treat,(easy) no matter what I do I get a treat..

So I guess I can't complain Treats Treats Treats, Sissy says I am SPOILED, Ok Maybe I am,but look at it this way
I know how to get the TREATS,,just look at my face....hehe
Ok I also just want to say a BIG HELLO to my few friends,mom says she is still learning this thing and tries to talk back with you guys( and u know who u r) give her time ,she is a good mom,,,,,,,so again HI,,,,,,,and I hope you all don't have to get as many baths as I do,,,,could it be because I am a DOG and not a kitty?? So yuall have a good day and be safe,and may the angels surround you with sweet dreams and love.......

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sunday Ride

This is me and mom on our Sunday Ride Stop
Hi to all,I just want to tell you about my Sunday ride
Well,it started when Mom and Dad was talking about going for a ride Saturday night,They know I was listening and I was getting excited cause I knew mom would not leave me behind.
So come Sunday morning mom was doing her thing in the house and I would not leave her side ,like always,but today was special to me ,cause mom said to me that I was going with them cause she did not want to leave me alone that long.
I might be a big boy but,I don't like staying home alone to long.
So when dad got up I knew the ride was close,he had coffee and then I knew the time was there,the car seat in the back was taken out,a pillow,water bowl was put in and the the Magic Word,,,Boog want to go for a ride?
Got my pants on( thats what dad calls me harnes)
and away we went,down the road fast so the wind would blow my hair,did not know were we where going but I did not care.
I was going for a ride.
We went to a place called Tazzwell Tennessee and that is were I got to get out,This is the picture you see,we saw for miles and miles,I was so happy to go and see this new place it made me have to peeeeeeeeeeee,(sorry) got excited.Then we drove around some more to see the land here in Tennessee and mom said it was time to go home.I saw lots of things,cows,lakes,more cows,and even smelled some pigs,(PU),so that was a Sunday ride for me and boy I had fun,
O yea, mom had to wash the car cause I got that doggie sluber all down the side,,haha